Compensation from insurance

Depending on your needs we can decide for a creative therapy track or coaching program. There are different option for reimbursement for each path, please note that you need to make the request and Wabi Sabi Coach can only advise. Billing is done every end of month.

No reimbursements

You can choose to pay for the program, without requesting reimbursements from your health insurance. This will save time and administration and there will be no personal information shared with health insurances.

Reimbursement for creative therapy

Reimbursement request with health insurance

Creative or art therapy is in some cases reimbursed within the basis health insurance mentioned as “Basis-” of “Specialistische geestelijke gezondheidszorg” (GGZ). In other cases it can be reimbursed within “alternatieve/complementaire geneeswijzen of alternatieve zorg”. Dit can be found in the supplementary health Insurance. To know if your insurance is reimbursing creative or art therapy (also named vaktherpie in Dutch) have a look at this website called De zorgwijzer. Contact your insurance to confirm.

Reimbursement for coaching and creative therapy

Through employer

Please contact your company physician to know what is possible. As a freelancer or independent employer there are options to financially deduct the costs under the denominator ‘coaching’ of ‘communication training’.

Through UWV

If you are receiving welfare, you can contact the UWV for financial means on behalf of recovery and reintegration. Check the website of UWV for more information.