Shanna Le Double coach en therapeut

I’m Shanna.

It is my mission to have you enjoy a happy family life.

Perfect parents do not exist, nor do perfect children. What we can be is ourselves, perfectly imperfect, while doing our best everyday, to be the best version of ourselves.


Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese life philosophy which stand for embracing the imperfections in live and each other. Wabi-Sabi shows us that it is exactly these imperfections that make us special and yet connect us too. I struggle with perfectionism and have been really close to a burn-out. I love hard work and success. Wabi-Sabi supports me to enjoy daily life with all its challenges. I helps me to focus less on the convictions I have about how things are meant to be. It forces me to identify my needs better and to get what I need to be happy and healthy. Most importantly, it leads me to embrace the perfect imperfections of my family, without stopping us from growing together. This is a daily process with in our family, where each one of us tries to fulfill their personal needs. I can help you and your family too, to find ways to discuss and fulfill these individual needs.

Wabi-Sabi (n.) the discovery of beauty in imperfection

Wabi Sabi Coach

I feel so privileged that my work is also my passion. I apply my personal and professional experiences, my ability to listen with an open mind and yet to be critical when needed, for successful coaching. My knowledge addiction drives me for continues professional and personal development both at work and at home. After a career in corporate and non profit businesses, having worked as a freelancer and above all, being a mother, I can appreciate the challenges these environments can bring. Coaching with me is focused on learning to know what you need to be happy. To learn how you can receive this and to really listen to your family members. This process will start with me listening to you, to fully understand what you and your family need to be better together.

A little bit about my background; before starting Wabi Sabi Coach, I graduate as an art therapist. Soon after I pursue a career in event management in companies like and the Dutch refugee counsel. Next to this I freelance as a make-up artist. After my daughter is born, I am confronted with the challenges of combining this busy life style and wanting to take care of my family. I realize that my experiences and knowledge are really relevant for helping other parents. I head back to school to obtain my diploma as a family coach and start Wabi Sabi Coach in Amsterdam.