What others say about Wabi Sabi Coach Amsterdam

Blended family with 3 kids. Completed the Wabi Sabi Coach Growth-package ;

What was your biggest worry, before the coaching started, about working with me?

“One can worry if your questions are relevant enough for coaching. With hindsight this turns out to be untrue, there is never a wrong questions on parenting, it is all about perspective.”

What has changed in your family as a direct result of the coaching?

“We are more accepting of the fact that some things cannot be changed, and even should not. If you can not influence them, don’t waist your precious energy on them and use it for more important matters.”

What do you consider the most pleasant result of the coaching?

“That we talk more regular about the things that matter and that we actually make time and sit down to discuss them. Before situations would be discussed in between the day-to-day tasks. There is more attention now. “

If you would recommend Wabi Sabi coach to a befriended family, what would you say?

“Don’t hesitate. You don’t have to have massive issues in your family to seek help from a coach. It can give new insights and turn things around in the way you parent. It will broaden your horizon and that is really worth it!”

Lifecoach Loes van Beest; since 10 years closely involved with and holding a warm connection with Wabi Sabi Coach;

Would you like to introduce yourself? “Loes van Beest, Lifecoach & Tao trainer, www.loesvanbeest.nl, Diemen home town, #Tao “

With what words would you describe me? “A serious and hard worker, loyal, sincere, honest and quality.”

What do you think makes me special as a person? “your kindness without ever losing sight of your professional demeanour.

What about my personality is a true asset as a coach? “Calmness”

International family; German and English couple, two children. Participated in the Family-Balans-Booster;

What was your biggest concern before starting the coaching with me?

“The concern was that, despite the talk, things invariably go back to how they were. The only way for this to change to be more permanent, would be to continue with the coaching, until we’ve made the changes into good habits.” 

What has been the best part of the coaching for you?

“To know there is a way to improve communication and understanding for each family member. As a person you’re very good at giving each family member their own voice and space to express their feelings. In turn educating the others to respect that space. “

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There is no waiting list, you can start today!

As the expert of your family, you are in the lead of the treatment.

You can expect honest and constructive communication at all times.

Several time slots on weeknights are available.

Sessions can be held in English and Dutch.

Combining different expertises leads to dynamic and effective sessions.

For confidentiality purposes one can choose the coaching path over therapy, where personal details will not be shared with health insurance agencies. In this case reimbursements from health insurances are not available.