“When you grow, everything around you will grow with you”

That’s why family coaching works. You do the (hard) work and your family will change with you.


We use creative and playful activities to discover the needs of you and your family, making sure we will reach your goals. You will practice listening to each other. You will work focused on solutions and progress.

We will discuss questions, such as: What are the things you do now? How would you like to change that? What have you already tried? What was working well? What could be improved? Every session focuses on success. You will learn to approach problems with the new skills accomplished during the coaching sessions. All of this will happen in the safety of your own home. This approach will help your family to enjoy each other again.

As a family coach and therapist I work solution-focused methods and non-violent communication. If you would like to know more about these methods, I am more then happy to explain during intake.

Introductory consultation and intake

Every program will start with a 30 minute introductory consultation call. You can use this time to ask all of your questions, and you can expect some questions from me, to better understand your challenges, expectations, and wishes for the program.

I prefer to work with all family members together. Research and my own experience has shown that the success of the coaching increases substantially when the entire family gets involved. Private session(s) or a dedicated program with parent(s) or a child are possible on request.

If everything feels right and you wish to proceed with coaching, we will plan our first meeting and you are asked to complete a digital question list, which will help us get ahead and prepare for the first session.

Set up

There are several possibilities for coaching and therapy. During the introduction we will investigate what approach suits your challenges best. How often we will meet will depend on different factors, such as the challenges you are facing and the coaching program that will bring the best results for you.

Unless differently requested, I will visit you at your home, where you and your family are in your natural environment.

During the first session I will ask all family members to share what they would like to change and achieve through coaching. Younger kids can actively participate.



“What you pay attention to, grows”

The Family-Growth-Track is to help parents to enjoy a happy family life. To achieve this we first have to accept that perfect parents do not exist, nor do perfect children. Through the coaching you learn to be yourself, perfectly imperfect, while doing your best everyday, to be the best version of yourself.

To reach this three things are needed most;

Connection; to really listen to yourself and your loved ones.

Honest communication and information;to really understand yourself and each other.

Collaboration; to support all the hard work that needs to be done as a parent, a partner and as a person.

We will work through all of these in 5 practical sessions during the Family-Growth-Track.

This will help you discover the wishes and needs behind your challenges. We will find solutions and through playful activities you will experience (re-)new(ed) connection with yourself and each other.


Together we can do great things.”

A session with the entire family.

We often loose track of each other in our busy day to day lives.
This session wil bring back the connection between all family members. To achieve this, every family member will get a chance to express their wishes for improving your family life. Creative exercises will lead you to sustainable results that you can enjoy far beyond this coaching session. These open conversations and interactions are a new experience to many families and quickly lead to more connection and understanding, resulting in less daily annoyances.

Art Therapy

“Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected.”

An individual session.

In art therapy we use art to express experiences. Guided by myself and art materials, you will explore ways to articulate how you have been affected by life. When our lives are affected by adversity, it can have an impact our behavior and wellbeing. This experience may be difficult to put into words. During art therapy we step away from thinking and work while doing and experiencing.

Art therapy supports wellbeing and all social, emotional and mental health needs. 

This form of therapy can be used by anyone of any cultural background and age and you do not need any previous experience in making art.


Introductory consultation;
30 min phone consultation
one 90 min session
EUR 115,-*
five 60 min sessions
EUR 380,-*
Art therapy; one 60 min sessionEUR 90,-**

*All rates are excluding tax at 21% and inclusive of travel costs within Amsterdam. Outside of Amsterdam the charge for travel time and costs is EUR 35,- per hour excl. tax at 21%. Appointments need to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Late-cancellations will be charged. **For more information on reimbursement from the insurance, please click here.