Shanna Le Double family coach and art therapist Amsterdam

Raising a child is hard! If only they where born with a user manual…

I am convinced that as a parent you do everything you can to be the best parent to your child. But what if you observe that all your efforts are not producing the results you had hoped for? What if there are constant fights, sleepless nights, you worry about your child’s development, and the relationship between you and your partner is suffering?  

In those (and more!) situations, coaching will help! It will provide support and new skills. With the right dedication you can have a happy family again! Having come to this website shows you care deeply for your family and want to work on improving things.

When I became a mother, I was confronted with our busy life style; 60 hour work weeks, lots of business travel, and an active social life. It took me and my husband a relationship crisis and therapy to embrace this life changing event. I know how hard it is to keep a balance between work and family life when feeling overwhelmed by all of it, and also know how much better you can come out of it with the right help!

I’m Shanna.

It is my mission to have you enjoy a happy family life.

Perfect parents do not exist, nor do perfect children. What we can be is ourselves, perfectly imperfect, while doing our best everyday, to be the best version of ourselves.

I am super excited about Wabi Sabi and my mission to help other parents, I love to tell you more about it!

Family coaching is for you if

You’re feeling exhausted and everything seems too much.

Your child is throwing tantrums and you don’t know how to make them stop.

You’re out off ideas on how to make you child(ren) listen to you.

You seek advice and tools on how to find balance in your family life and career ambitions.

You and your partner disagree on how to raise your child(ren).

You look for support during or after a divorce.

You worry about your child’s development.

You are facing challenges as a blended family.



Family coaching and therapy for your challenges

relaxed family happy family

During the coaching you (and your family) will learn:

to approach problems in an active and positive matter. We always find a solution that suits you.

to enjoy your family’s company in a relaxed and pleasurable manner.

to let go of old destructive manners and communication and use new skills to improve day to day life.

to enjoy more instead of having the feeling your live is being lived by others.

to change your behaviour to the kind of behaviour you feel comfortable with.

to deal with negative thoughts and emotions.

to listen better to each other, and therefore understand each other better.

All of this leading to better connection within your self and within your family!

Ready to resolve your daily struggles?